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Mike Chires - CEO and co-owner - Sales & Marketing

Norm McKee - CFO COO and co-owner - Finance & Operations

Shanonne Dunlap - Director of Business Development

Shannone Dunlap - Digital Solutions

Del Reynolds - Engineering

Shawn Sheldon - IT Manager / Production Director

Julie Besneatte - Accounting

Lynne Bennett - Traffic & Billing Traverse City

Sheree McKee - Social Media Other

Sarah Dorow - Manager of Digital Communications

Looking for  -

Looking for  - Director of Alternative Media and Events




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The Submit Form link above is for our MONTHLY CALENDAR.  All lines must be completed including a contact person or phone number.  We reserve the right to accept or deny any submission. Your submission will go through an approval and/or edit process. If approved, your event will appear on every radio station website that displays the MONTHLY CALENDAR.  The monthly calendar is located in the "Community Tab" on station websites.   To see an example, click the large red calendar image in upper right of this page!  Save your time - only one submission is needed to appear in multiple calendars. Thanks!


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All lines must be completed on the SUBMIT AN EVENT FORM.  

This will go through an approval and/or edit process


If approved, your event will appear in our


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