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Drink Up for a Worthy Cause!

TCJAVA.ORG is a partnership with Black Diamond Broadcasting and Higher Grounds Trading Company in Traverse City, MI.  The concept was designed to use coffee as a platform to raise awareness for important community initiatives in and throughout Northern Michigan.  


The brainchild of Brendon Koshoshek, Director of Alternative Media and Events for Black Diamond, TCJAVA.ORG uses four of the most powerful radio stations in Michigan and multiple media outlets to "Roast for a Cause." 


Each bag of coffee in the Radio Java Collection not only raises conciousness, but gives 20% of proceeds back to a specific beneficiary. Current recipients include Wertz Warriors for Michigan Special Olympics, 22-2-None for Veteran Suicide Prevention, Munson Healthcare Foundation for Mental Health and the beloved Cherryland Humane Society


Tune-in to our big-four stations below to learn more about how you can get involved.